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Archive News: We Lend with Care

We used the refunds from previous contributions to fund: Carlos Ordóñez, 43. He is married to María Alvarado and they have 3 children two of whom are under the age of 18. Carlos has been buying and selling cows for 10 years.

He started this activity with rearing two cows from which he got milk for his family. With the first sale he was able to buy two more and that way he got his business to increase. Currently, he buys the cows and sells it after a few weeks of fattening. His wife Maria helps him in this business as Carlos also does construction work to complement the income he needs for his home.

The business leaves him a profit of approximately $700 per month. Don Carlos needs a loan of $2000 to buy more cattle. He intends to visit the neighbouring province of Zamora Chinchipe where animals are cheaper. The loan is repayable in 20 instalments.

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